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Juz Amma (Teacher and children)

Suratul Faatihah To Download click here: Suratul Faatihah


An Nas To Download click  here:  01 – naas

Al Falaq To Download click  here: 02 – falaq

Al Ikhlaas   To Download click  here:03 – ikhalaas

Al Masad    To Download click  here:04 – masad

An Nasr   To Download click  here:05 – nasr

Al Kafiroon   To Download click  here:06 – kaafiroon

Al Kawthar  To Download click  here:07 – kawthar

al ma’oon   To Download click  here:08 – maoon

Quraysh  To Download click  here: 09 – quraysh

Al Feel   To Download click  here: 10 – feel

Al Humazah   To Download click  here:11 – humazah

Al Asr   To Download click  here:12 – asr

At Takaathur   To Download click  here: 13 – takaathur

Al Qaari’ah   To Download click  here: 14 – qariah

Al Aadiyaat    To Download click  here: 15 – aadiyaat

Al Zilzaal   To Download click  here: 16 – zilzaal

Al Qadr    To Download click  here: 17 – qadr

Al Bayyinah   To Download click  here: 18 – bayyinah

Al Alaq   To Download click  here: 19 – alaq

At Teen   To Download click  here: 20 – teen

Ash Sharh   To Download click  here: 21 – sharh


Revision (children only) Ash Sharh -An-Nas

To Download click here : Amma Revision pt.1


Ad Duhaa   To Download click  here: 22 – duhaa

Al Layl   To Download click  here: 23 – layl

Ash Shams   To Download click  here: 24 – shams

Al Balad   To Download click  here: 25 – balad

Al Fajr   To Download click  here: 26 – fajr

Al Ghashi’ah   To Download click  here:27 – ghashiah

Al A’laa   To Download click  here: 28 – ala


Revision (children only)Al A’laa- Ad Duhaa To Download click here: Amma Revision Pt.2


At Taariq   To Download click  here: 29 – tariq

Al Burooj   To Download click  here: 30 – burooj

Al Inshiqaaq   To Download click  here: 31 – inshiqaq

Al Mutafifeen   To Download click  here: 32 – mutafifeen

Al Infitaar   To Download click  here: 33 – infitaar


Revision (children only) Al Infitaar -At Taariq: To Download click here: Amma Revision Pt.3


At Takweer   To Download click  here: 34 – takwir

Al Abasa   To Download click  here: 35 – abasa

An Naazi’aat   To Download click  here: 36 – naaziaat

An Naba   To Download click  here: 37 – naba


Revision (children only) An Naba -At Takweer: To Download click here: Amma Revision Pt.4


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32 responses to “Juz Amma (Teacher and children)

  1. This is a good and reward able job.Baarakallahu feekum

  2. […] can download these audios here: children’s hifdh audios.  This method can be started with your child as soon as they can speak […]

  3. Umm Abdirrahmaan says:

    as salaamu’alaiki wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu May Allah reward you with good. I’m trying to download the audio file 16 (surah zalzalah) when I try to play it the file is empty and wont play. Can you tell me where I can find this reciter on the internet? baarakallahu feeki

    • wa alaikis salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      I’m so sorry for taking such a long time may Allaah forgive me for being so negligent.
      I have changed it now but its probably too late Allaahul musta’aan.
      May Allaah bless you Umm Abdirrahmaan ❤

  4. Assalamu’alaykum, alhamdulillah i found this site. I hope i can download the mp3 for juzamma for my son. So that i can play it without internet connection. In my country internet connection is rare and expensive. I hope you can provide a link to download the juzamma mp3. Jazakallah khoiron katsiro. Wassalamu’alaykum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh

    sastia rakhma (

    • wa alaikumus salaam warahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, I’m so sorry for taking so long to come and reply I have been very negligent May Allaah help me. I pray that you were able to download the audios but if not please email : I will try my best to send you exactly what you are asking for in sha Allaah just I am a little unsure at the moment.
      Baarakallaahu feeki ❤

  5. basirat buari says:

    Asalam alaykum, I have a madrasah with very large population.i have been looking for something like this tohelp the children. I pray ALLAH swt reward you for your efforts. I would want to partner with you as my students are increasing day in day out, to get advices on how to efficiently run the madrasah.I pray ALLAHswt help us all amin.

    • wa alaikumus salaamw arahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      subhan Allaah my dear sister Basirat please please please forgive me fort aking so long to reply to your message subhan Allaah I am truly very sorry. How are you and your madrasah, how are things going? I’d be honoured to be able to work with you subhan Allaah. If you are still interested I have an email address that we can use to speak a little more. Its :
      May Allaah bless you all its such hard work that you are doing but you are planting the seeds of somthing so important in their hearts Allaahu Akbar, may Allaah make it successfull aameen ❤

  6. nafisah says:

    Jazakumullahukhairan. May Allah reward you abundantly. I and my friend found this very helpful

    • baarakallaahufeekumaa I’m so glad that its been of some use to you thank you so much for visiting may Allaah bless you both and accept your efforts from you aameen ❤

  7. Abu Ashara says:

    AsSalaam Alaikum
    Is there a way you get ayat kursi in this format as well?
    Jzk Allah kheir

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaah, please forgive me for the delay in my response as I have been unwell but alhamdulillaah. I will try to find it or will work on this in shaa Allaah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran for your suggestion as it is very important

  8. Tania says:

    Salam Sister,
    Can you please tell me the name of the sheikh who is reciting here? It’s so beautiful Mashallah. I really want to buy the CD for my kids to play in the car.
    Just wanted to say sura maoon is actually sura Quraish here. SUra feel is sura Quraish. The namings are wrong. Please fix it when you can sis. May Allah reward you for providing this.

    • wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, I’m so sorry I didnt reply sooner my dear sister. Thank you so much for letting me know about these mistakes. I’m going to change it now in shaa Allaah baarakallaahu feeki ❤

    • Oh and his name is Muhammad Al Habash but I found it on a CD that I bought many years ago. I’ve never seen him since but I’ll keep a look-out for him in shaa Allaah

  9. tr. aisha says:

    mashallah good for children

  10. Adam jamiu says:

    I really appreciate ur effort,may Allah (sw) continue to reward u abundantly. ameen jazaakumu Llahu khayran

  11. Mohammed says:

    Asalamu Alaykom, I love to hear this.

  12. Zswagger says:

    Thnx u hlpd me so mch xxx mashalllah may Allah bless you

  13. Fatir says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum. What is the name of the brother reciting Al-Fatiha? The other recordings are not the same person.

  14. Zreena Sheik says:

    Where can we download the rest of Quran ? Please upload downloadable links for all the other surahs as well.

  15. Hafiz Bilal says:

    Glad to see this page.
    I’m going to use this as default full song alarm, for my children so that they can memorize the whole para very easily. May Allah reward you

    • Wa alaikum Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh what an excellent idea. I pray that Allah azza wa jalla accept this effort from you and bless you and your family and make you all successful and make their journey towards memorisation of the Quran an easy and enjoyable experience that benefits them always aameen

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