Islamic Audio Books that are Music Free

Tuhfatul Atfaal

To download the written text please click here: tuhfatul atfaal_written matn or matn tuhfatul atfaal_eye

for English translation click here: Tuhfatul-Atfaal English Translation

For English explanation click here: Aysar Al-Aqwal


Matn Tuhfatul Atfal read by Dr. Ayman Rushdy Suwayd

To download click here:  1 Al Muqadimah

To download click here: 2 Ahkaam Noon As-Sakinah wa At-Tanween

To download click here: 3 Ahkaam meem wa noon mushadadatain

To download click here:4 Ahkaam Meem Sakinah

To download click here:5 Hukum lam-al wa lam A-fi3l

To download click here:6 fi Mithlain wa Mutaqaribain wa Mutajanisain

To download click here:7 Aqsaam Al-madd

To download click here:8 Ahkaam Al-Madd

To download click here:9 Aqsaam Al-madd Al-lazim

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2 responses to “Tuhfatul Atfaal

  1. Abdulsalam A. Shaahidu says:

    Jazaaku mul Laahu annaa khairal jazaa’a!

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